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A corpse, should stay dead !
If you're having trouble I recommend using your right hand weapon and just beating on her until she begins using blood arts, then use your saved quicksilver bullets to gun parry her to finish her off.


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honestly great fight but the only problem is she does like no damage, that and she gives ample time to heal urself for free. i just beat her first try and honestly little disappointed that she wasnt harder. Her move set is cool i love the pace of the fight but seriously she barly scrached me with a full combo. i have 30 vit and and sl 72
I died from one combo on NG sl 130 50 vit as well as NG+ Maria wrecking my previous character sl150 almost 2000hp


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You know what? I feel the same...I waited for this boss fight for the whole *****ing game, since I'm a sucker for this kind of fights (in fact, Artorias, Sir Alonne, Father Gascoigne and Soul of Cinder are my favourite boss fights in the series) and....well, I wrecked her *** at second try...quite underwelming, yeah
Need help with her !
co-op trivializes the fight
A thought: could Maria have been the first "Hunter of Hunters?" The Crowfeather Garb suggests the first came from a foreign land, and I wonder if that implies Cainhurst? Secondly, the Hunter's Hat states that it is fashioned after "one of the old hunters," and whereas most believe that this person was Djura, I can't help but notice that Maria's Hunter Hat looks like a very rudimentary version of the infamous cap. All of the primary hunter hats are pointed to resemble a beak, and the symbol of the Hunter of Hunters--the "Hanged Man"--is highly reminiscent of a crow's talon, after all. Maria certainly doesn't take to another Hunter encroaching upon the secret of Kos, either.

The Crowfeather Garb also suggests that Hunters of Hunters let their victims lie "in hopes they would find rest in a Hunter's Dream." To me, this calls to mind the carcass of Kos, which Maria evidently insists "should be left well alone." Even though Maria appears to have erected a tombstone for Kos and leaves flowers at the grave, she still kept her distance, choosing only to mourn from high on a cliff above the corpse. And just what was this "blasphemous Yharnam burial service?" Apparently it would "trap" the dead in the Hunt, perhaps to be resurfaced some other night. Could this be what those crawling caskets and the One Reborn represent in Yahar'gul?

I also wonder, before Maria became Gehrman's student, what was the Hunter's Dream? It doesn't seem the Plain Doll would have existed yet, and evidently Gehrman was still alive in the waking world (some say he would have been younger, but he was apparently referred to as "old Gehrman" even in the times of Ludwig), so was there even a Hunter's Dream yet? Did the Hunt used to take place in the waking world? The Hunter's Nightmare is unusually bright, despite the Hunt is supposed to take place at night.

When did Gehrman create the Plain Doll? Obviously it had to have been after meeting Maria, since Maria was evidently "unaware of his curious mania," and I imagine seeing a doll that looked just like her would have really freaked her the ***** out. It must have been after Maria's death, perhaps as a form of mourning. Which leads to the next question: when did the Moon Presence take interest in Gehrman? Old Yharnam was the first location to witness the Paleblood Moon, so it seems that the cleansing of the scourge, or possibly just the ensuing violence attracted the Moon Presence. I suppose it was at this time that it noticed Gehrman's worth, unless the Moon Presence was always a part of Gehrman's psyche and was simply awakened during these events.

Gehrman instructs the player to close the curtain on the Hunt, and is desperate to keep them from becoming obsessed, or "blood-drunk," tying in with the philosophy of the Hunters of Hunters. Could this be the influence of his love and grievance for Maria? Could it all be an act of revenge against the Healing Church and Byrgenwerth for what happened to her?

Perhaps one could assume this is what the Moon Presence was intrigued by?

Oops, I deep'd a little harder than I originally meant to.
Old Yharnam was the first to witness the Paleblood Moon? Where is this mentioned?
Moon presence was beckoned by Laurence according to a note in the lecture building.
>Old Yharnam was the first to witness the Paleblood Moon? Where is this mentioned?
Note in the dark building at the Great Bridge: "When The hunt Began, the Healing Church left us, blocking the great bridge to Cathedral Ward, as Old Yharnam burned to the ground that moonlit night."
Old Yharnam is also the first place that saw the beast infection. There are some assumptions being made here (for example: that the beast infection is caused by the Great Ones), but that's Bloodborne.
I think her fight would be more awesome if we can't stunlock her. Or if her movesets doesn't take too much windup time.
What if Maria killed mother kos? It's largely agreed that Willem wanted the great one umbilical cord. Gherman likely led the hunt, with Maria by his side as his apprentice. She could have been kept in the dark, only told they were going hunting. Turns out she was the greatest hunter there. None of the rest could even touch Mother Kos, but as fast and nimble as she was she killed what she believed to be a beast. Only then did she find out what was really going on as other hunters rushed in to take the umbilical cord. She may even have fiercely protected the orphan, even turning on the hunters. Gherman could have gotten away with the umbilical cord. This would explain why the rakuyo was in the well in the fishing hamlet. She cast it aside because she used it to kill mother kos, and dreaded what she had done. Instead she would dedicate her life to protecting the orphan, similiar to how she does in the dream. This would include finding a more powerful version of the rakuyo she loved so much, one that uses blood magic. This would also explain why the orphan is alive but mother kos dead in the hunter's nightmare. Plus, Maria is there in the nightmare protecting the orphan just as she did in life. Maybe the "secret" is even just that the orphan is still alive, and she is protecting him.
Burial Blade: Got her in the corner, and then just spam R1 until stamina depleted. Back up and repeat until she died.
She'd occasionally get in a hit, but the burial blade has great regen.
No lore?
Ludwig's holy blade just ruined her. 2nd try. Being able to 3 hit stun lock her was sort of unfair. I liked the fight and her moves and the atmosphere, but all too easy.. next up Orphan, i'm sure it will take a few more attempts for him