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Anyone tried PvE solo with it yet? It can get pretty painful at times but makes most bosses a breeze if you get L1 timings correct.
I've beaten every boss with it. It's a really fun weapon.
ran the vanilla game with it. it was a breeze.
look at the stats for bleed infusion on this thing in game its hilarious last i checked it did 110 bleed scaling at +10
It's got mad splinters I guess
Had no idea what these were at first. Got invaded near the beginning of Dreg Heap, and it was just a set of big red moving doors. I just said "Aww, ***** this!" and jumped off a cliff.
"While blocking using the Weapon Art, the regular R1 covers a decent amount of space and stuns targets hit during the charge. This makes it good to chase targets that are highly mobile."

lol vs people with a <30% load build, can't catch people who know to roll worth a damn. Scythes completely destroy these doors.
The best counter you ask?
Broken straight sword ;_;