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this amor is stupid and imposible to have
thicc though
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The middle thing on his belt hanging down looks like a ****...cant unsee it anmyore....
It's because he *****s so many people over in the first Dark Souls.
Someone once said: Armor with nipples is a good armor
And that someone was the almighty... PEWDIEPIE!!!!!!!!!!
visions of fatty
# sexysouls ;)
Mcdonalds armor
So names like Artorias and likely Gwyn have been forgotten, Artorias only addressed as "Wolf Knight" or "Abysswalker" but Smough's name is still remembered.
He's also the only one that's not dead :v
Artorias' name is in the game: the Wolf Ring (should) have the name in the description, and I think the Wolf Set does as well
Gwyn's name is mentioned by you, the player, in the DLC to Shira in dialogue between you two technically so Gwyn hasn't been entirely forgotten.