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You know something serious is happening in ds when the background music contains a piano
"Oh god I finally beat him" Gwyn: "I'm back Dark Souls 1 fanboys, and you can't PARRY ME THIS TIME! SUCK ON IT! Check out my new WOMBO COMBO!"
It may say he is weak to lightning, but it's not that effective against him. Sorcery tears him up on the other hand.



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If you go for 99 Int Hypermode Mage, Great Soul Arrow deals around 605 damge to him and is more than enough to tear him down with 15 shots during Phase 1, that is if you don't get caught off guard by his uppercut slice or stanced thrust.
This fights a joke if you have yuria help i got lazy and just***** on him with her help. Almost feel bad for him but the only hard part is that damn mage form.
i tried to beat him ds1 style, so right before he was 1 hit away i was trying to parry and failed every time now i have to do the crummy 1st phase all over again...
+5 Black Knight Sword skill Perseverance bodied this guy. Superarmor + absorb damage just too good.