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is it me or has noone made the connection between the two things we are not told in dark souls ,what did the nameless king do ?you know this great fighter against dragons and then boom, immediately reconsiders them .and then there's thing number 2 ,what the hell happened to gwendolyns legs ,you know this crossdresser that is hidden and raised as a girl and learnt magic.
A thought for you all ...
want to be the best man ,train with the best and fight ,fight for the kingdom and to uphold it
train with your older brother, the best, yes ?brothers fight and cut off his legs .life saved my magic of some sought (seath )
gwendolin had it deemed too dangerous to be a fighter to be a man to look up to in this kingdom ,so raised as a girl .he later builds an intrest in what saved him and magic in general .
but for the first born ... my brother is now a part of that which I swore to hate .Dragon ,though not a perfect one ,worse still is seath an ally of farther ."dragons are for slaying" why then does he live ? though I did not wish to hurt my brother ,I cannot let him be this thing of which i despise .

soon after ,he is banished .within his banishment he finds love .then he understands why his father did what he could to save his youngest son .for only he the first born (out of the two) was strong enough to last outside of the walls of the kingdom .he acknowledged that a dragon that could have let gwendolin die and get some revenge for his fallen comrades ,even a dragon knows . peace
I think i can answer atleast one question.

the nameless king used to be friends with dragons (the worst enemy of his father gwynn) so he was banished by his father and deleted from any history.

On NG+/ second playthrough:
- first of, I died 25+ on my first playthrough against him before beating him. Crest shield with lightning absorption +5 was a lifesaver.
- having the Dragonslayer Greatshield +5, Dragonslayer Spear +5, Chaos Longsword +10, Cloranthy Ring +3, Ring of Favor +3 and Estus Flask +10, 15 charges were crutches against him in NG+. And because of the aforementioned items, I got to beat him in 1 try on my 2nd playthrough.
- the 1st playthrough struggle felt more fulfilling.