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The Crystal Sage CAN be Parried, But only when he swings his rapier at you.
this article misses 1 sulyvahn beast in the outside water area just before the sewer area with sewer centipedes with siegward and the estus soup.
That Sulyvahn Beast is the one from the bridge if you don't kill it. It just moved.
Also misses the fire demon in the Undead Settlement when you jump out to meet Seigward
That one only appears if you dont kill the first one on the bridge
Those are mini bosses
NON of the bosses has a weakness to magic...
I went to the abyss watchers and even after beating them I didn't fight the dancer so he is optional
It's not, when you kill all lords of cinder, you are automaticly moved to dancer bossfight no mather waht
Further in The game u Will have to kill dancer in order to progress to lothric castle
If you had a modicum of intelligence then you would realise the dancer is not option because you need to kill it to get the lothric and lorian AND the dragonslayer armour
Nope Dancer is mandatory. And its a she.


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when you have killed all lords of cinder but twin princes you will be teleported to dancer, if you havent killed her yet
That's wrong you fight dancer after Yhorm but you can fight dancer early like I did
why are people saying I'm dumb I was like 3 bosses in so didn't know and you guys are acting like I tried to prove that 2 + 2 = 5
Just for those who don't know, it is possible to use Pestilent Mercury on High Lord Wolnir's hand without aggroing him. I believe you need Sleeping Dragoncrest Ring for him not to aggro.
You dont need any ring you just go to his left hand (your right side) and cast pestilent mercury
Don't go for the shiny item. Stay at the right sight, just in front of his left hand (use a torch if you can't see it). Here you can cast Pestilent Mercury until he's dead.
It is possible to parry the crystal sage
Wait you can parry Lorian
beat all the bosses except one. deacons of the deep hardest boss 100000/2
lol hardest boss award XD