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Finally the last two - rings and Dark Soul - more farming than I would have imagined for proofs and shackles, medals and swordgrass were easier for me. Appreciate the occasional help along the way, especially the NG++ Nameless King fight - Skorge was a lifesaver. I'm getting a bit old for solo :).
For the achievements where I need to collect all of a certain thing, does it have to be in the same file? For example, do I have to learn all gestures or can I learn some on one file and the rest on the other.
No, but try on ng+
it all has to be on one file
All on the same file, but the Platinum can be achieved if the sub-achievements are on different characters
Are dark souls 3 game of the year edition is same trophy or not ?



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Yes the same trophies. It's just a game bundle, nothing is different except the price
Finally managed to beat the Nameless King with the help of a Sunbro and I never got the achievement.
You need a Sunbro for him? Dude, the first phase is just casual ds Bossfight and the 2nd phase is rolling and attacking. I srsly don't know why evryone is saying his fight is hard.
what are all the secret achievements?
it's here but instead of writing "secret achievements"
they unrevealed it.
i just got all the achivements, do you get a theme reward as you did on bloodbourne, or is it just having all 100%?
I got all the miracles but didn't get the achievement. Is there a way to fix this?
Ok, covenant rewards, is it faster to farm items or actually participate in the covenant itself? Except for sunbro, that was pretty easy