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Thinking of using some of the dark miracles and a sythe to create a build based off of Typhus from Warhammer 40k
Hm... ok?
Thank you for the useful information, sir.
Is projected heal found at the lothric banner knight or farther on?


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It's further on, AFTER meeting LAPP. You'll jump down and it should be in that area with a Lothric Knight and murkmen.


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Some people complain about miracle damage.
After fighting Yhorm with all damage boosting items (although, not with optimal stats), I rate miracles 11000/10, would Sunlight Spear again.

But Way of White Corona with the same setup hitting regular enemies (specifically, the ones outside of the Cleansing Chapel) for 263 is ridiculously stupid.
whats weaker: crab's pinch or miracle builds?
Hi guys... I dont have all miracles because iscrew up with some npcs... Can i get the trophy in ng+ finding those missing ones? Thx for any advise


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Hi guys... I want to earn trophy for miracles but i dont have all because i screw up with some npc.. Can i get the rest in ng+ and then to earn the trophy?



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Yes you can
I have all the miracles but didn't get the achievement. Is there a way to fix this?
Miracles which you start with doesn't count towards achievement, so you have to buy them. It applies to herald and cleric.



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People love to hammer on Miracles but the potential is so high. Sunlight Spear can 1HKO players often, then there's Force which when combined with Unfaltering Prayer can throw players/enemies off cliffs resulting in easy wins. Vow of Silence has high utility, and the heals are awesome when co-oping. Lightning Arrow is a very good spell as well.