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The Magic Clutch Ring is missing
Chillbite ring is missing
Dark Souls: even the achievements***** on you.
One more ng just for that stupid tiny ring??? F##k u dks!!
I have every ring on here with the +1 and +2 but I don’t have the achievement
I believe if you have "The Fire Fades" edition you have to get EVERY ring including the DLC ones.
Doubt it works like that. More likely it is the glitch or you simply had an oversight all the same.
Just to be clearly here, sorry.

So when on NG++ or +++ all rings of all variations are in the world? Or does one make the others of the same base name being found in a later ++++whatever game?
The standard, +, ++, and +++ are all DIFFERENT variations of the same ring. They are each classified as separate items. For example, in your inventory you will see (name of ring), (name of ring)+, (name of ring)++, and (name of ring)+++ after you retrieve them.
Can someone help with the +1 and +2 rings? I'll drop them back. I'm also willing to help with other trophies in return. Psn: sif29
Got all rings still no achievement... WTF
Same!! I just got the Wolfring+3 from the ringed city but not the one from the farrons covenant. Maybe we need to find all the standart ones to trigger the achievement
you need to get all rings with all the versions so wolfring and wolfring +1 and wolfring+2. you dont need the rings from the dlc
lol rip achievement
Want to say thanks to those who run this page! I've finished 100% of my Achievements today! Dark Souls III was a great expierience and my first FromSoftware Game!

For all the other Gamer/Player out there: Enjoy the Game. Dont get frustrated to much!

After finishing the Game with 100%, i just feel a deep hollowness...

I wish i could delete all my memories just to start this amazing journey again!

My best greetings, and:

Praise the Sun...forever!

\ [T] /