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lol im still in NG and going to the grand archives at lvl 107 and thinking im not strong enough with my weapon in +10
I don't see how the levels aren't higher. For example, Last night I beat the dancer of bull*****valley and that weird seathe looking creature at around lvl 75 and had enough souls to level up twice from the dancer alone. you have to be incredibly stupid not to cash in your souls after a boss fight. Not to mention bying stuff from the shrine handmaid. I do my best not to "over level" but I guess i'm too good at keeping the souls I get and spending them accordingly.
That's recommended level for other player interaction. The average player is probably gonna lose more souls than an experienced player. Not saying you can't use your rightfully earned souls or anything, just saying that your not gonna run into as many friendly phantoms or even invaders. And the levels are already a bit high. Farron Keep through the Profaned Capital are all about 5-10 levels too high. At least relative to difficulty of the enemies that is.
this list depents on the other players. and will even change with time. the one time dark souls player will leave, the dedicated players will stay. and of course they need less and less sl to beat the pve.
Whoops. Halfway through Irithyll on first time playthrough and only level 25. Sure its a bit difficult I suppose but isn't that the point?
people gettin mad cause they too bad.
Everyone caps at between lvl 120 & 130. I regret leveling up to much, I reached 330 at NG+8
Not everyone. People who like to pvp might, but others who don't pvp all the time keep going up as they get exp.
huh... I was certain I over-levelled, but would you look at that.. My level is perfectly reasonable (hm.. maybe my way to high dmg comes from not levelling health at all, and having most points in strength, agi etc)
Level 78 and trying to fight soul of cinder I thought my lvl was to low but I guess I just suck
I was at Farron Keep at level 20, no wonder I was having a hard time