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new patch made this way too strong compared to carthus... shame, this weapon felt balanced pre buff
Been using this in invasions lately. Seems pretty balanced since it has pretty low damage output compared to other weapons. Also you can't buff it so there is that too.
All curved are fucting stupid, i mean if a good player is good at spacing you absolutely have no way to win. They are pretty much the fastest wp class in the game (you can roll catch for days), and the damage is no joke. From plz nerf! Just kidding its just sad that Curved swords outclass every wps :'(
Not anymore. This is the only curved sword that is actually good now to be honest. It has the same swing speed and recovery as the other curved swords pre-patch.

Straight swords still outclass most things to be honest. There's ways to get around them but they're still an obnoxious weapon class.
Well how about that, illiterate, salty, AND underage.
So fun whipping this out on people who do nothing but roll. Then proceed to roll catch their *** to death. Boy do I miss the Carthus Curved Sword.
I don't get why this weapon isn't frost, I just don't.



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The weapon skill DOES have Frost effect.