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This fight was far too easy. The headless blood letting beast from the layer before was harder and more fun.
The bloodletting beast was even easier... Just kept doing two swipes and a bite (when headless) for me. Kinda boring
way easier than headless beast for me. take a quick weapon, she will stagger at every hit. when stamina runs out, retreat and hide behind the central pillar, but be ready to rolldodge bloodspears from the ground. shoot her clones and get close again to boss and repeat.
poison my ***...doesn't work on her at all...11 straight daggers in her chest and no poison effect.
She causes poison
The Moonlight Blade Tactic has been Patched so it will not work anymore. You're welcome.
Final phase you can basically chain visceral attacks by using the auger from behind.
I fought her with the two NPC summons, she didn't stand a *****ing chance
For shame, casual. ;p


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Chalice Dungeons do not scale for NG+...
Does this mean if you're NG++ that she'll pretty much be easy af?


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