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It's time to gut gud
Have notice that in NG+ they seem to have a new art attack? Can´t be sure, as my first playtrough was way back, but recently been playing in NG+ and I cant recall seeing that art before.
They do not bleed. Tested with grave warden twinblades plus carthus rouge.
They can get past the barrier.
Maybe these are irrelevant to gameplay but I think they are the only variety of female knights. We can clearly hear the sound of high heels when they are walking and their moveset and attack pattern highly resembles The Dancer. Hell, I think they are a lesser version of Dancer.
Not saying you're wrong but originally it was men that wore high heels. This came out of Persia
High heels for men were for cavalries. But clearly Pontiff Knights as police force and personal guards for Sulyvahn they don't need horses.
I was using a blessed mail breaker and I think they might be resistant to bless but I also tried the pyromancy black serpent and it seemed to be rather effective on them.
Has 624 health.
What a *****ing joke. So these guy's movement speed, attack speed, attack range, and attack power are at least 3 times greater than ours, their endurance is pretty much endless, their ridiculously strong, super fast attacks are pretty much unblockable, and they stagger you after one hit. Even if you're lucky enough to roll away they stay stuck to you like glue. If you do manage to swing your weapon they roll twice as fast and twice as far as you can. Why not keep them just the way they are, but also give them invisibility and instant death eye lasers? At least then they would be challenging.
Dude, their poise is almost non-existant. Swing two-handed and keep going with the combo and they'll be staggered indefinitely. Even a small dagger two-handed can probably stagger them.
Right. That works great when there's only one of them. You can also bait them into casting and rush them fairly easily. I get all that. What makes me want to chew the analog sticks off my controller, throw it against the wall, and jump up and down on it repeatedly is when there are two, or even better, three of these comically overpowered bastards coming at you from different directions, swinging away like cartoon tasmanian devils with swords. And it's always the last one standing with the tiniest sliver of health remaining that gets me.
Step 1: 2 hand any large weapon.
Step 2: Get them to rush you and charge 2 hand heavy attack.
Step 3: Knock enemy over
They are broken, if you can't initiate the fight and land the first hit then you have about one chance to parry (even I can pull it off most of the time, which is strange), after that you are pretty much dead. There are two openings if you can survive that long: their ranged attack takes forever, and they have a charge slash attack which also provides a window to stagger them. 99% of the time there is no fight just instant death for them or for you. The problem is that you have to fight about 4 to 6 of them between bonfires and you only have to **** up once.

During my first and second playthrough I tought they were easy, as a pyro I had range and they don't like fire, and before 1.06 there was the Estoc bestoc, but today I learned that the 1h longsword is less than an ideal.

And the Pontiff is the ultimate version. In the end I gave up and waited till the RNG smiles at me and the two NPC phantom kill him for me.
they have way too much "stamina" for an ai. To be able to swing they blades up to 7 freaking times, which forces you to constant roll and out of stamina only to receive another barrage of silly combos. Out of the entire game and dlc, this is by far the most broken enemy imo.
try parrying for fun
If you are a pyromancer/knight use great combustion on your left hand and a weapon with a fire infusion or use a fire reinforced pyromancer spell to your weapon. Great combustion is a good spell to stun and guardbreak their shields, also I recommend using a bleed weapon like katanas or use straight swords just to kill them a little quicker.