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no. why would From want you to be able to parry a 1600 hp death combo?
guaranteed 4 hit combo just as cancer as paired greatswords
I'm trying usually not the one joining the nerf everything crowd but the guaranteed four hit combo and the fact that you literally can't get near somebody using this thing unless you have a UGS, is kind of dumb.
'lets make a halberd do way more damage than an ultragreatsword, is faster than an UGS, cost less stamina, have infinitely better combo capabilities, and have better reach. BUT you have to pay us $25 to use it'
lel just have a friend drop the dlc stuff
You cant. To my understanding, the ringed city gear can't be traded.
Out of all the weapons you'd consider OP, a halberd - really? With like... barely any hyper armour and attacks as slow as a greataxe?
This with aquamarine dagger or a straight sword is amazing for pvp and invasions buff with blessed weapon or darkmoon blade and be prepared to 4 shot the havel monster before you XD
This alabard is op no way to beat this***** wit a katana.r1+r2 combo kill the roll attack or backstab after r1 attack,the only way is to be cancer wit run attack and roll chatc wit the weapon art good luck .Really after played pvp since demon soul i leave this game.***** MIAZAKI AND FROM SOFTWARE
Played since Demon Souls, but this weapon is what makes you quit?

You're full of*****. These games have seen a million things more broken than this will EVER BE
Equip this, any hood, any armor with long cape, matching skirt and no gauntlets.

Now you are Jax wannabe. Congrats
Love everybody crying for nerfs because they don't know how to play around this thing. Get more than 27 Vigor, you babies.
Right? Most people have to lock-on with this weapon, so just roll behind them during the weapon art and punish.
I'm not here to complain about this weapon but c'mon if gael gs combo get a nerf (which damage wise was inferior to the splitleaf) why the split leaf combo remained untouched?

The weapon is not that amazing
He isn't talking about the weapon, he's talking about the COMBO. Can you understand the difference?
No he's asking why certain weapons are nerfed and others aren't...
Ehm nope. He's asking why the COMBO of the Splitleaf remained untouched, not certain weapons nor other combos. Do you even read the post?
this is balanced.
So balanced that everyone and their moms are using it, ds3 is full of people that love balanced weapons xD
i was being sarcastic calm down