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These guys have a fanged smile when you look at their faces.. Also, aren't they pygmy/human? So shouldn't they be strong to Dark and weak to Lightning or something else? Just seems odd to me.
I am wondering this too but the way I gather it is that their seal of fire "enchants" their items into pseudo fire type. They only attack with fire and their worst ele resist is dark so all the dark must be contaibed in the "dark sign".
Not a smile, it's decomposition. I'd say they are ancient Humans who lived wayyy before the Age of Fire and are very old and decomposed in a way.
Dark Souls has never been fluent with its enemy types being weak to something, so don't bother.
ringed set looks pretty badass , gotten full set off first two you meet in ringed inner wall only one hood multiple rest
Where's the best place to farm these guys in multiples? Been killing the double greatsword Knight but one at a time is tedious.
Ring city streets on top of that sinking church. There's 4 there and 1 more down a path near where you run past the dragon. Just use hidden body, that ring that makes your footsteps silent, and use strong dark or frost attacks.
I think I have a farming route for these guys that works pretty well. Starting from Ringed City Streets, enter the area requiring you to "show your humanity". Then kill the two Ringed Knights there (and the giant, if you want), then go down the stairs near the giant and down the ladder. From there, if you look down, you should see two Ringed Knights below you, one of them close enough to the wall to get a plunging attack on. Do that plunging attack, then take them out (the second one won't aggro unless you get in his field of view). From there, get close to the edge opposite the wall you just dropped down, and you should see another Ringed Knight. You can perform a leap attack that will turn into a plunging attack onto him, then take care of him. Then use the coiled sword fragment/homeward bone/ dark sign and start over. It sounds complicated, but once you get it down, you can get through the route pretty quickly, and it feels safer and more efficient than farming the four on the sunken building in the swamp.
it's irritating these enemy pages use the phrasing "Can't be both lured and rapported", which taken literally leads me to believe you can't lure them and rapport them simultaneously. should read "Can't be lured or rapported".

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de morgan's law mother *****ers, its basic logic
It must have been an insane battle when the gods and their silver knights battled the ringed knights into submission to stop the abyss from swallowing the whole world. Ragnarok doomsday like!
Huh? They didn't battle the Gods or the Silver Knights. In fact, they teamed up together to slay the dragons but the Ringed Knights' deeds were never recognized.
***** the pike knights
Look into the God's Chemosh and Moloch if you want to know more. Basically involves sacrificing your new born to a fire for money.