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Virus inducing. Do not fall for trick. I totally tested this myself and I am totally not trolling. Kappa
When I infused my offhand shield with a blessed gem, the HP recovery continued when I two-handed my mainhand weapon. If I were to do the same with a caestus, would I continue to get the bonus, when two-handing my main weapon?
Update: I did it, and it works!
Ok next dlc needs to add a frost gem no if ands or buts, they have every other infusion except a frost gem
Dev's got LAZY with this aspect of the game. Most infusions hurt my base damage. Unless I'm keeping a D&D monster manual of every enemy and their weakness (this particularly applies to elemental dmg, scaling or no) I'm better off with straight upgrades and MAYBE a heavy/sharp/refined infuse. LAAAAME
It's not that they got lazy they just nerfed infusions.
Every infusion lowers base damage except raw. They increase scaling, just because you're a lazy noob that doesn't care to learn enemy counters doesn't mean it's the dev's fault.
Something i found is that it can't infuse executioners greatsword. It scales with normal titonite. Anyone know why it can't infuse.
Because of passive
Is it possible to trade these infusion stones? I'm doing a sorcery only run and want to get simple gen before Irithyll dungeons