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I killed him when he was on the balcony just before you go down that door. It took me three tries and in the end I realised I wouldn't have been able to kill him normally so I ran down the stairs opened the door and found out that he physically cannot enter it. So all I did was stand inside, wait for him to walk back up the stairs then take a step outside and do a charge attack which he always runs into. It took me like a minute and then I got the wheel hunter badge. I did it because someone told me if you use him in the fight against the bloodstarved beast and he dies, the only way to get the badge is to kill him.
Praise The Sun
In the notes it says that attacking him (yet not killing him) after giving him the summons will result in him not killing the queen. Do I have to aggro him or simply slice at him a couple times?
You must aggro him.
Interestingly, when he commits suicide at the end of his questline, a Crown of Illusion appears on the altar in front of him.
Alfred is a perfect example of cinnamon bun gone psycho. At the beginning you think he's a nice and kind soul but later***** hits the fan. I'm not gonna lie, the way he mauled that useless Queen was pretty scary to me...
He had to do what he had to do
has nobody really noticed that awhen summoning alfred against the BSB he appears as "old hunter - vileblood hunter alfred"?it doesn't say vilebloodS hunter, like it would in case ofor example of "hunter of hunters"
does that mean alfred was once a vileblood and then betrayed them to join the executioners?
No, his title is of an old hunter (denoting the bell his spirit attuned to) and a Vileblood hunter (what he hunted specifically, like hunter of hunters, hunter of Beasts, etc).



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now i wonder if it said the same in other languages versions... probably did, but eh, i just don't trust the english grammar with things like this at this point.