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A similar weapon existed in Demon's Souls. A curved sword called "Blind" wielded by the sister of Garl Vinland, Selen Vinland.
FYI, if you solo soul of cinder, usurp the fire, and then kill Yuria at the shrine she will drop the darkdrift and her ashes, which you can use to buy the black set from the shrine handmaiden.
Thank you good sir!
I killed her before beating SoC and she dropped them.
Dark Souls 2: A in Dex.
Dark Souls 3: C in Dex.
Good job.
The best way to get your Yoel levels w/out dying and losing your embers is dying via summoning. It works with both invasion + soapstone summons.
should probably slightly scale with D INT for physical it is kinda invisible would make sense