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Hello every one, I know, I know, every one and there mom is making one of these but please hear me out. I keep seeing "Bleed this" and "Lightning that", not to mention every one and their mom is using Fire, Magic, Dark, Lightning, and Darkmoon blade but i rarely see any frost. So I giver you The OutRiders! unlike the other player gropes we use Frost. If you want to join just fallow these Requirements.

1. your character name must start with "Outrider"
2. you must wear one of these armor sets; Outrider armor/Dancer's armor (helmet optional)
3. you must use frost based weapons and/or spells, exe: irithyll long sword, irithyll Rapier, Freida's Scythe, or any weapon while using the Frozen weapon buff.
4. you must have at least one of the pontiff eye rings.
5. you must be SL 120-140.

Now for those that want that super edgy and oh so sharp back story.

After the death of the grand Pontiff, at the hands of the Nameless Unkindled, the Boreal Valley's borders that Shielded Irithyll pulsated with a bright and foreboding shimmer that reached out across the sky. All Outriders who had not yet begun to fall to their inner beasts Knew this to be the sign that Irithyll needs them back. the once outcast knights now turn heel and ride for home. Outriders now stalk the streets of Irithyll, cutting down any who would dare trespass.

eh? how's that? any ways, i'm currently in Irithyll spreading the new about us. chou.



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i only do low sl and the irithyll sword is very popular there.
sl59 faith guy +8
sl42 luck guy +6
sl38 dex guy +5
sl20 +3
sl1 +2
no meta build