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If you plan to kill her, DO NOT try untill you are strong enough! right now I am stuck trying to kill her she's got *****ton of estuses, my hits barely take 1/20 of her health, she will 3 hit me. What the ***** was I thinking trying to kill this ***** before I was ready omg.

Each *****ing time I've almost got her, she uses yet another Estus and spam R1s me to death with her seemingly unlimited stamina.
Try using a 9+ Murakumo (giant deformed katana thing) it usually does about 1/10 of her hp.
You should go to the goddes velka statue at the delapitared bridge and clear yourself of sons, she womt ofggr you anymore
Why do you tried to kill her? Being Lord of Hollows is most interesting storyline in this game.
Pull her to the exit of the Firelink Shrine and just kill her using ranged abilities. She's incapable of leaving the shrine, so you can just stand just outside the entrance and kill her easily.
Can anyone help me i can't find yuria in firelink. I have completed the game and haven't cured the dark sign but she still isn't there.
you may have killed anri before
umm the reason yuria retains her human appearance is because she is wearing the untrue dark ring its pretty obvious considering she sells it
Theres a bit of dialogue missing on the wiki. I talked to her today and got this piece of dialogue.

Ahh, thy scent beseems most familiar.
A sweet fragrance, long faded from our own bosoms.
How this came to pass I know not, but...
Take heed. Kindness can wear upon one's principles.

I haven't killed friede yet. Someone should look into adding this in.
This *****ing *****... If I follow her quest line in NG+, I'll go off the meta. 5 obligatory levels...
Yup... I didn't know better, so I leveled my guy to 120 already. I do NOT want to go past 120... so I won't ever be able to get certain items since I won't be able to summon Yuria.

So if I kill the Soul of Cinder (mind you I have done the rest of the questline) and I do not usurp the flame yet and I warp back to Firelink Shrine will the Black Set and Darkdrift be where Yuria's original spot was?