Destiny 2 Trophy Guide & Roadmap

Destiny 2 Trophy Guide & Roadmap

Bungie’s highly anticipated sequel, Destiny 2 , is right around the corner for Ps4 and Xbox1 while PC will be obtaining it a bit later. Refer to this guide to unlock all trophies and achievements for this game while learning tips to give you an edge to reclaim your light. You can refer to the Destiny 2 Wiki to find all weapons, armors, shaders and ships.

  • Time to Platinum: 45+ hours
  • Platinum Difficulty: 7/10
  • Playthroughs required: 3 Playthroughs: One for each character class of Hunter, Titan and Warlock
  • Missable Trophies: N/A

Most Efficient way to Platinum:

  1. Have one character of each class to obtain the class trophies.
  2. Play with friends that are working on it too!

Destiny 2 Trophy & Achievement Guide

Traveler’s Chosen

Obtain all trophies in Destiny 2

Long and Winding Road destiny-2-trophy-guide-roadmap-silver

Reach level 20

Play the story and side quests to obtain experience from enemies to level up.

destiny-2-trophy-guide-roadmap-goldZavala’s Lieutenant

Acquire each Titan subclass.

Cayde’s Pathfinder destiny-2-trophy-guide-roadmap-gold

Acquire each Hunter subclass.

Ikora’s Protégédestiny-2-trophy-guide-roadmap-gold

Acquire each Warlock subclass.

Show Me What You Gotdestiny-2-trophy-guide-roadmap-gold

Complete Shaxx’s Call to Arms.

In A Flashdestiny-2-trophy-guide-roadmap-gold

Complete a Flashpoint.

The People’s Herodestiny-2-trophy-guide-roadmap-silver

Complete a Heroic public event.

Heart of Darknessdestiny-2-trophy-guide-roadmap-gold

Complete a Nightfall strike.

The Life Exoticdestiny-2-trophy-guide-roadmap-gold

Collect 15 exotic weapons or armor.

Can be collected from:
  • Purple Engram
  • Exotic Engrams
  • Quest
  • Nightfalls
  • Raids
  • Pvp
Check out our list of Exotic Weapons and Exotic Armor

Challenge Accepteddestiny-2-trophy-guide-roadmap-gold

Complete 30 challenges.

Belly Of The Beastdestiny-2-trophy-guide-roadmap-gold

Complete the Leviathan raid.

The Prestigedestiny-2-trophy-guide-roadmap-gold

Complete the Leviathan raid or a Nightfall strike on Prestige difficulty.

Lest Ye Be Judgeddestiny-2-trophy-guide-roadmap-gold

Encounter an Emissary from beyond.

The game releases on September 6 and pre-order bonuses have been announced.

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Visit the Destiny 2 Wiki to check out Weapons, Armor and other Guardian-stuffs


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